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  • How do I report the death of an insured? What is needed? Do you need a certified copy of the death certificate?
    • To report the death of an insured, please mail, email or fax a copy of the death certificate. A certified copy of the death certificate is not needed. Once the death certificate is received, we will proceed with the death cancellation. If applicable, we will refund to the estate of the insured any premium paid which covers a period after death occurs.
  • How do I update my banking information?
    • To update your banking information, contact customer service at 1-833-522-4874 and provide us with your new account number and bank routing number. The call will be recorded, and we will update our systems as you provide us with the new information on the call.

      Or, if you prefer, complete an Electronic Payment Authorization Form and return it to our office via mail, email or fax. To obtain the Electronic Payment Authorization Form

      • Login to our Insured Portal and go to the Forms/Documents section, or
      • Contact Customer Service at 1-833-522-4874
  • How do I update my address/telephone number?
    • You can update your address and/or telephone number through any of the following options:

      Online: Insured Portal
      Call: Customer Service at 1-833-522-4874
      Mail: Central States Health & Life Co of Omaha
      Medicare Supplement Administration
      P.O. Box 10845
      Clearwater FL  33757-8845
      Fax: 1-816-701-2560

  • Will my premium ever change? When will my premium change?
    • If your premium is based on attained age it may change each year on the Policy Anniversary. Your premium may also change if a new table of rates is applicable for a policy. An insured’s personal health history may not be considered as the new rate applies to everyone in an age and geographic area depending on state policy language. If your premium is going to change, you will be notified in advance of the effective date.
  • Will my premium change if I move?
    • Your premium may change if you move to a different zip code within the same state of issue. If you have a change of address, it is suggested you contact customer service at 1-833-522-4874 to discuss if the move affected your premium.
  • Can I change the day my premium is deducted from my financial institution? Can I coordinate the day my premiums are deducted with my Social Security check?
    • Yes, you can change the date your electronic funds transfer (EFT) is deducted from your financial institution. You may select any day between the 1st and 28th for your draft date. If the date falls on a weekend or holiday, the deduction will be on the next business day that falls between the 1st and 28th. Please note deduction files are sent to the bank two (2) business days prior to your scheduled draft date. Any changes to your draft day or banking information must be received a week prior to the next draft day.

      You can also coordinate your premium deduction with the day of the month in which you receive your Social Security check. The options are the 1st day of the month, 3rd day of the month, 2nd Wednesday of the month, 3rd Wednesday of the month or 4th Wednesday of the month. If you select to have your payment coordinated with your Social Security check, and the date falls on a weekend or holiday, the deduction will be on the prior business day.

      Please contact Customer Service at 1-833-522-4874 should you wish to further discuss these options.

  • Is there a grace period in paying my premium?
    • Per the policy provisions, you have a thirty-one (31) day grace period for the payment of premium due. Your policy will remain in force during the grace period. If the premium is not paid during the grace period, however, coverage will terminate as of the date the premium was due and claims incurred on or after that date will not be considered for payment. A grace period does not apply if you cancel your policy.

  • How can I get a copy of my policy?
    • If you need a copy of your policy and you did not apply online, please contact Customer Service at 1-833-522-4874 for a duplicate policy.

      If you applied for and received your policy online, your application and policy is available by logging in to the Insured Portal and going to Form/Documents – Policy Requests/Change Forms .

  • How do I cancel my policy?
    • Per the policy provisions, a request signed by the insured must be sent to us via mail, email or fax in order to proceed with cancellation.
  • How do I request a duplicate identification (ID) card?
    • If a new identification (ID) card is needed, please contact Customer Service at 1-833-522-4874 to order a replacement. You can obtain a temporary ID card by logging in to the Insured Portal and going to Forms/Documents and then Policy Request/Change Forms.
  • Are hearing aids covered under my policy?
    • Hearing aids are not covered under your policy. However, a program is available to you as a policyholder to purchase high quality hearing aids at a discount. This is a discount program offered through Hear In America at no cost to you. It is not insurance and is separate from your Medicare Supplement Insurance benefits. You are responsible for any charges incurred when using the benefits of this discount program. To get started, call 1-800-286-6149 to register for the program.
  • Is Vision/Dental covered under my policy?
    • Your policy pays according to Medicare Guidelines for Medicare Eligible expenses.

      Medicare Eligible Expenses means expenses of the kinds covered by Medicare Parts A and B, to the extent recognized as reasonable and Medically Necessary by Medicare.

      Medically Necessary means a service or supply that is recognized by Medicare as necessary to diagnose or treat an Injury or Sickness and is: (1) prescribed by a Physician; (2) consistent with the diagnosis and treatment of the Injury or Sickness; (3) in accordance with the generally accepted standards or medical practice; and (4) not solely for the convenience of You or the Physician.

      Please refer to your Medicare and You handbook from Medicare covered services.

  • Do you offer prescription coverage?
    • No, as with all standardized Medicare Supplement plans, prescription coverage is not offered.
  • Is Silver Sneakers or other gym membership covered?
    • To keep policy premium as low as possible for our insureds, CSO does not currently provide Silver Sneakers or gym membership benefits.
  • Do I need to re-apply each year to obtain my Medicare supplement coverage?
    • No. As stated in your policy, the policy is renewable if you continue to pay premiums when they are due.
  • Do you inform Medicare of the new active insurance?
    • Yes, an eligibility file of all our active insureds is sent to our Medicare Intermediary for crossover claims. We advise you to always present your current identification (ID) card when you visit a provider or facility.
  • Do you notify Medicare when I cancel/lapse or insured passes away?
    • If your policy becomes inactive due to cancellation, lapse or death, we remove you from the eligibility file we send to our Medicare Intermediary for crossover claims. We do not specifically notify Medicare the policy has cancelled, lapsed or that the insured is deceased.
  • How can I obtain information about my claims?
    • Claim information can be obtained by logging in to the Insured Portal and going to Online Inquiries___________-. The portal allows you to view eligibility and benefits, a specific claim or to view prior Explanation of Benefit statements.

      You can also contact Customer Service at 1-833-522-4874 to obtain information on a claim.